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HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss Program

Keeping your hormones balanced is very important for your health and immune system. Along with balancing the hormones a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, frequent exercise and medical grade supplements are very important as well.
To help our patients make healthy choices and receive guidance with maintaining a healthy weight we are offering HCG Weight Loss Program.

Ageless Health Weight Loss Program Includes:
Daily HCG injection/42 day supply
HCG diet book
Daily compounded appetite suppressant (phentermine/B12) lozenge (optional)
Weekly office injection of MIC combo (B vitamins) that facilitates fat burning/loss (optional)
Weekly office weight check and follow up to help keep you motivated (optional)
Customized online 3 month Virtual Health Partner subscription for dietitian support.
Post treatment appetite suppressant supplement to help maintain weight loss (30 day supply)
~Only $1100~
(Other HCG packages Options Available Upon Request)
Please call or e-mail Dr. Honing if you have questions: